LAPELS Make Emphatic Entrance With Brilliant Debut Single “Warning Lights”

Published on 31 July 2021 at 16:06

By Angus SInclair



Calling avid listeners of Blur and Oasis; if you yearn for music of a similar calibre, look no further! Lapels have recently released their debut single “Warning Lights” and they have exceeded expectations, presenting a refined tune with a vintage twist that veteran musicians would be proud of.


The quartet from east midlands – consisting of Andy, Will, Adam and Nathan – were formed in 2018 and swiftly earned the respect and audience of those that had the fortune of attending a gig; they may have only just released “Warning Lights”, their first official single, but with nearly 10,000 views amassed on Spotify it is clear a devoted and eager audience is growing by the day. 


Sometimes, it’s about being in the right place at the right time. Lapels know this, after an opportune encounter with Colin Peter, CEO of the iconic Marquee records, during a live gig which resulted in a riveting path towards prominence under the experienced tutelage of the record label.


The band indeed emits distinctive parallels to Oasis, with creativity and fluent waves of electric guitar culminating in a simply thrilling listening experience. There are enticing riffs, relatable lyrics, an awesomely catchy flow; this is a commendable official debut to the industry, and I am sure we will see Lapels go from strength to strength. 



After hearing ``Warning Lights'' for the first time, I must say Lapels have a new fan. They are the new surge of Rock/Britpop and tell agreeable tales of the ‘mundane stuff’ about life.

Boring? No chance.


The audience can resonate with the passionate lyrics, the thrilling melody to ensure that each time their song is heard they gain another fan. With their honest lyrics and endearing on-stage charisma, Lapels are cruising towards recognition for their abundant talent and innate musical ability. Welcome to the industry, Lapels! Don’t forget the name. 


'Warning Lights' is out now on all major streaming platforms and you can listen to the track below via our embedded streaming link.







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