THE MOOD Release Their Summer Single 'Daisypicker'

Published on 5 August 2021 at 15:52




The Mood have today released their second single ‘Daisypicker’ - a summer song that’s certain to drum up plenty of hype, especially as it’s following huge success from the Birmingham-based indie rockers’ debut single.


‘Daisypicker’ was produced by the legendary producer, Gavin Monaghan, who has a track record of working with huge artists of a similar genre. Most notably working with The Twang, Ocean Colour Scene and The Sherlocks, the producer has gone on to build a good working relationship with The Mood - who have created a multitude of singles together, with five songs set to release 8 weeks prior to one another.


The band consists of four friends from school, who played a few live gigs before the pandemic hit, and now that the country seems to be over the brunt of the storm, they have decided to take their music more seriously. The Mood offer a clever narration of modern-day life with an abundance of satirical undertones, accompanied with the grit of 2000s indie-rock and the heart of Britpop.


Their latest single promises to continue the classic sounds of the 90s, but adds a contemporary twist, in a summer song that reverberates with clean guitar chords from the very start. The chords throughout the song descend harmonically, releasing the tension, as well as the root notes played on guitar effected with echo and tremolo and a glockenspiel, with layered harmonies adding to the dreamy, summery atmosphere. Lead vocals also follow the same descending scale, moving the listener along, getting them engrossed in the song. 



But as the beginning and end of the song choose a more placid patience to engross the listener, the chorus presents itself as a massive release of energy. The screaming Arctic Monkeys inspired guitar solo, which is the main hook of the song, is certain to send a chill down the spine of the listener. Lots of shiny sounds sum up the summery vibe in the chorus, such as the reverberated guitar, glockenspiel. Lead vocals sing in a similar style to Blur, which instantly gets stuck in the head of the listener.


It’s a recommended listen here at Our Sound Music, and The Mood set the tone for what they hope to be a successful end to 2021 over the coming months through this meteoric release. 


'Daisypicker' is out today on all major streaming platforms and you can listen to the track below via our embedded streaming link.








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