Shaun Finn Releases His Stunning Five-Song EP

Published on 6 August 2021 at 18:58

By Rach Hankin


Independent, Dublin-based singer songwriter, Shaun Finn, has released his most mature work yet in the form of a stunning 5-track EP. The record features his debut single, Fallen Flowers, which impressively placed 13th in the Irish charts, and number 1 on the singer songwriter charts.


Having worked numerous jobs in the music and creative industries, Shaun Finn seems to be really discovering the artist he wants to be with the release of this intimate EP. From starring in The Corona’s music video, to photography, live sound and even musical theatre, the young artist has given us 5 tracks, each with a life of their own. The EP alludes to the struggles that Shaun, like many others, have experienced in pursuit of the aspirational “big break” in the music industry and all this is done with a mature, sensitive and delicate acoustic tone. This is an artist who illustrates and brings to life heightened emotions. We feel the highest highs and the lowest lows.


Shaun performs alone here for much of the EP, with one song, Fallen Flowers, using an ensemble of musicians. Loneliness and isolation are powerful motifs in today’s world, the coronavirus pandemic has left so many people very much alone in a turbulent, uncomfortable world. While Shaun performs alone, this does not diminish from the end product. This is brave music, delving deep into loneliness, and bearing yourself isn't easy. Finn should be commended for this. Live My Life and Picnic In The Sunshine are true in this regard.


“When you’re alone and you're wandering around your head. Pondering what's been said. And you’re doing what you’re told. Think it's time to fold.”


This walking tour through a tortured mind is not easy or necessarily pleasant but authenticity and honesty is no guarantee of happiness or positivity. Picnic In The Sunshine gently winds through the negativity with a slow acoustic tune before breaking, like sunlight through overcast clouds into a more joyous melody. The lyrics mirror this. Lyrically, it progresses from a past full of “hurt” of loneliness and rumination in one's head. But when the song breaks and gets going there is a more assertive air, of dreaming and hoping to grow old together with someone. Shaun has also covered Catfish And The Bottlemen’s Cocoon. This is perhaps an insight into the artist here. Like Cocoon there is a rawness and joyousness, of first love and of being a romantic at heart. Picnic in the Sunshine can't hide this hopeful edge.


This EP truly is a testament to Shaun and his commitment to his craft. Music is an incredible tool that this artist has utilised for all the right reasons, and hopefully his future works will reflect the pride he should deservedly feel.









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