THE CLOCKWORKS Release New Post-Punk Anthem 'Throw It All Away'

Published on 13 August 2021 at 00:46

By Kyle Anderson


Throw It All Away”,  the new single from Irish natives The Clockworks is released today. The highly anticipated new single comes off the back of high praise from none other than radio legend Annie Mac, who proclaimed them as the hottest band in the world right now.


“Throw It All Away” takes its inspiration via music from the 1950’s and 1960’s  with a juxtaposition of percussive vocals and heavy rhyming heavily inspired by the Jay Z’s track Reasonable Doubt. Describing small segments of working life as it is today, the song narrates how everything isn’t as fulfilling as you thought it would be. 


Putting their own signature sound on post-punk, since aligning with Creation maestro Alan McGee, the band have cemented themselves firmly as the pragmatic voices of their generation. Lead singer James McGregor delivers thought provoking lyrics whilst his vocals resonate beyond the penetrative guitar.


Throw It All Away” was produced by Michael Rendall ( Black Grape & The Jesus And Mary Chain) and was recorded in Willesden after the band left Ireland to move to London.


The Clockworks have several UK dates across the summer and are set to return to Ireland in December as the supporting act for Inhaler. The band will also support The Pixies in their US tour.


“Throw It All Away” is out now on all major streaming platforms








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