SENTIENCE MACHINE Release Their Defiant New Single 'Microscopic Enemy'

Published on 15 August 2021 at 18:22

Photo: Emma Brown Photography


London-based alt-rock band Sentience Machine have released their in-your-face new single 'Microscopic Enemy', a song that reflects lockdown-life in a gutsy and determined manner.


This new single follows up their debut release, 'Black Mirror', which introduced us to the world of Sentience Machine. The track received a warm reception from Steve Savale (Asian Dub Foundation) and Charlotte Kelly (Soul II Soul), with Savale saying “Sentience Machine are waking up the electric sheep with a full force dream-weapon.”

This new single, 'Microscopic Enemy' takes the pandemic by the scruff of the neck. It is in essence a punk record - spiky guitars and an overall powerful sound. The lyrics hit hard - this is lockdown life at its most raw and honest.


Photo: Emma Brown Photography


 The song references economic hardship and the effect the pandemic has had on people mental health. The overall message is about reclaiming back our liberty and lives. 

Sentience Machine are fronted by  Psibindi (aka Rena) who is also a psychedelic trance DJ.  Edward Abela is on guitar, Jamie Steenbergen drums, Stephen Clift on bass and finally  Ben Turner also on guitar. Their new single, 'Microscopic Enemy' is a tremendous listen that encapsulates many people's frustrations borne from the pandemic. The band have done this in a captivating and tuneful manner.

'Microscopic Enemy' is out now on all major streaming platforms.








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