DEGENERATE ERA Release Their New Melodic Hard-Rock Single 'Manic'

Published on 15 August 2021 at 19:33

Photo: Emily McCreight


By Kyle Anderson


Bringing a change in musical direction, Degenerate Era have released their second single “Manic”, which has a progressive-sounding metal vibe.


Manic” gives listeners satisfyingly heavy guitar riffs before making way to a more ambient sound. The dynamic works well, and is sure to please not only listeners to hard-rock but other genres as well.  Inspiration for the vocal comes from regarded frontmen such as Alex Turner Jeff Buckley while alt-metal bands such as Sleep Token and Deftones have influenced the band's overall sound. 


Forming in Nashville, Tennessee, Degenerate Era are trio Justin Whitmer and Sean McCreight. Luke Fiadino mixes and masters their songs, as well as handling production duties. The high standard of production on "Manic" is notable.


The band used time during the pandemic to focus on their sound. “Manic” was written during the pandemic, and brings new life to the band.


Photo: Emily McCreight


Being mixed, mastered and recorded in Luke Fiadino’s home studio  with only the three band members within the creative process is an accomplishment itself. The work of the trio should be applauded as the track embodies its title, moving from opposite soundscapes and leaving listeners with the feeling of being on a musical rollercoaster.



The new single “Manic” by Degenerate Era is out now on all major streaming platforms.






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