THOU ROMEO Releases Music Video To Roxy Music Cover 'Mother Of Pearl'

Published on 23 August 2021 at 15:59


Los Angeles is as far away from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne as you can get both figuratively and literally. Yet California based performer Thou Romeo has released his debut single, a cover of the Roxy Music classic 'Mother Of Pearl. 


First appearing on the 1972 album 'Stranded', 'Mother Of Pearl' was written by Bryan Ferry and the album achieved Gold status in the UK.


This version is a synth-pop, glam-fueled reworking which while staying true to the core of the original, it introduces us to the sound of Thou Romeo, who has used 'Mother Of Pearl' as a platform for his debut release.



The accompanying music video (above) is a throwback to the early 1970's in its theatrical, almost New-Romantic approach. Directed by John Charter, the music video is something else - intriguing, intelligent and altogether of a certain time and place.


Thou Romeo is a solo artist and his influences are very British - Depeche Mode, David Bowie and T-Rex. His aesthetic is tremendous and engrossing, with hopefully more of the same on the way.


'Mother Of Pearl' is out now on all major streaming platforms.


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