'Screen Time' The Topical New Single From MARI DANGERFIELD Is Out Today

Published on 18 September 2021 at 16:22

Photo: Leigh Kemp



“Everybody’s on a screen now” - These are the words in Mari Dangerfield’s newest single that reverberate loudest, becoming a set of lyrics that echo perpetually befitting in the modern generation. As the consumption of media reaches boiling point, the Anglo-Portuguese singer uncovers the vicious cycle closer.


After blossoming her reputation on Youtube with a helping hand from her stylophone-infused covers, and the releases of several singles dating back to 2018, Mari is looking to drop her first album this year. But before then, the release of ‘Screen Time’ keeps listeners on their feet.


With a knack for fragile songs bursting with originality, her sound is consequently hard to define. Coining her sound ‘Quirkpop of the mind, body and laptop’, Mari is part alternative, part pop, part electronic, part musical theatre, with a sprinkling of classical and consistently strong instrumental and vocal melodies.



Lyrically, she covers personal struggles, particularly mental ones, and being human in the age of technology. As she outlines herself: “Screen Time is about how, in the modern age, we’re all unavoidably hooked to our phones and computers."


“It highlights the CEOs of the companies behind these addictions and their greed for our personal information in exchange for huge profits from advertisers”.


If you are under the age of forty, you can probably relate to the story that Mari beautifully tells in ‘Screen Time’. Jump aboard the musical train of realism and reality as Mari Dangerfield continues to produce content that is highly relatable and topical. 


'Screen Time' is out now on all major streaming platforms.









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