LOW HUMMER: 'Modern Tricks For Living'

Published on 20 September 2021 at 13:33



Over the years, the music scene in Hull has flown under the radar, but there is new hope in an emerging setlist of exciting bands. While The Rills are leaving their mark on the nearby gloomy Lincolnshire skies, Low Hummer have transpired as an equally promising new band with the release of their debut album this week. 


Modern Tricks For Living’ follows the route of a gothic, post-punk genre, bringing together a profusion of dark sounds and unilluminated themes. Being a deeply observational album, it serves the purpose of an account of the lives of the members in the band, stories from their hometown, the shared passions and interests that brought the band together, the lives of people around them and the forces, known and unknown that impact those lives.


Offering the best glimpse into what the album has within, ‘The People, This Place’ is a song that untangles the realities of the state of the band’s hometown and the people that inhabit it. The track is a frantic, conversational and driving indie anthem that recalls artists like Parquet Courts and Ought. ‘The People, This Place’ investigates the themes of social isolation, manipulation and alienation that have proved so creatively furtive for the band.

Human Behaviour’ follows similar key themes as it delves into the examination of anthropomorphism, studying the nature of humans in a progressive and delicately mysterious manner. It is the song that shows the power of the vocals in this band the most, as the voice of Aimee Duncan shines through in an omnipotent fashion.



Furthermore, the overall atmosphere of the guitar and drum combinations throughout these ten easily replayable tracks give off a New Order and Interpol aura, while the aggressive and rambling vocals that are tied together by jet black themes can draw comparisons to The Smiths and Fontaine’s DC. With this glamorous range of influences, Low Hummer can serve an array of sounds for a wide variety of music listeners.


The best feature on ‘Modern Tricks For Living’ is the way the band effortlessly produces music that transports listeners to the minds of the creators themselves, bringing their stories to life with the use of artistry that spans generations. It is one thing being able to muster up an idea for a song but an entirely different skill in telling stories so seamlessly through music. Low Hummer, however, have hit the spot with this one. ****


'Modern Tricks For Living' Is Out Now.


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