'Oceans', The New Single From VANSLEEP Is Out Today

Published on 23 September 2021 at 11:02

By Kyle Anderson


“Oceans” the new alternative rock single from Scottish group Vansleep is out now.


Oceans” tells the story of change and loss and is an exploration of the difficulties of getting caught up in the idea of something or someone, only for it not to live up to your preconceived expectations and ideas of how it will pan out.


The track is immediately driven from the outset by impactful drums and guitars and carries momentum throughout with powerful and direct vocals. Hooking listeners in with this big sounding anthem, the song is surely made for the festival stage with parts of the track likened to The Amazons.


Over the course of the pandemic the four piece from Aberdeen released their debut EP and crafted their sound creating more music ready for live music returning and “Oceans” serves as the perfect track to return to the stage with. After changes from the track's initial plan within the studio, Vansleep have produced an excellent track and one they should be proud of.



Receiving a great reception upon their return to live gigs, Vansleep supported Gallus in Aberdeen and are due to headline Shout in Edinburgh later in the month in a stripped-back headline show. Building on this momentum, the band are set for more shows across the central belt of Scotland in 2022.


“Oceans” the new single from Vansleep is out now on all major streaming platforms.





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