“Fire Inside” The New Anthemic Release From AARON SPENCER Is Out Now

Published on 2 October 2021 at 17:43

By Kyle Anderson


“Fire Inside” reveals the contents of a letter written by Aaron Spencer to his younger self, now as an adult and after enduring life in lockdown. Realising that the usual urge and need to go out, get drunk and enjoy misadventures was no longer an option during the pandemic, Aaron looked deep within himself and reflected upon a childhood trauma and the impact it had on his life today. In his most honest and raw song to date, “Fire Inside” is about understanding all that you need comes from within and not to be a victim of past events in your life.


Rightly labelled as an anthemic banger, “ Fire Inside” is the perfect track for live music and was made for the stage of large festivals. With an aim to get people bouncing whilst delving into the grittiness of what reality brings our way, Aaron brings his unique disco tinged Indie-Rock to listeners whilst exposing people’s vulnerability. “Fire Inside” truly sets the path for his future sound.


Aaron Spencer has gained quick traction and can be viewed as one of the hottest rising artists within the UK. Now releasing his fifth single “Fire Inside", Liverpool-based Cumbrian Aaron is releasing new material off the back of “Incredible” his fourth single. “Incredible” saw Aaron receive widespread praise from several online outlets such as Sinusoidal Music, Rising Artists Blog and we joined in on this praise here at Our Sound Music. 


Receiving airplay from stations such as Away Day Radio, Aaron has continued success from launching as a solo musician in 2020 with debut “Sticky Dancefloor” and follow up singles “Where Are You Now?” and “Flower”. Aaron has gained features via CLOUT, Tongue Tied Magazine, Indie Buddie, Come Here Floyd, Nexus Music Blog, Xune Mag and gained a spot on This Feeling's “Best New Bands” Spotify playlist.


Photo: Luc McClachlan


After playing The Boof Festival in August, Spencer has been making waves in the live scene, taking to the main stage before The Sherlocks and The Snuts, playing gigs at EBGB’s in Liverpool and is due to headline Jimmy’s (Liverpool) on the 24th November and support Danny Mahon in Manchester at Gulliver’s on the 10th December.


Truly finding his sound , Aaron Spencer brings his northern working class, indie rock charm filled with Strokes-like riffs to his high octane music with highly relatable lyrics. To celebrate the release of “Fire Inside” Spencer is returning to his roots for a hometown headline gig at The Yellow Earl tonight.


“Fire Inside”, the excellent new single from Aaron Spencer is out now on all  major streaming platforms.







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