ALABAMA WEATHER Release Their Deep New Single 'Love To Hate Me'

Published on 8 October 2021 at 10:27



Alabama Weather are back with a brand-new stomper titled ‘Love To Hate Me', a song about the negative effects of hate on people and society. The song is captivating and pleasing on the ears, but it’s paired with a deeper meaning.


Forming as a married couple after meeting five years ago, Miika and Mary Weimann started to make music together, combining to take the world on by the scruff of the neck through the band name Alabama Weather. Although Miika had already been on the music scene, having joined several bands before Mary’s introduction, the duo has found their place in the industry.


Being inspired by CAMINO, The 1975, Ellie Goulding and The Weekend, among many others, Alabama Weather focus on creating music that is atmospheric and hallucinating, unlocking the potential to reach deep inside the minds of the listeners. While Miika takes control of the instrumentation, recording, mixing and mastering, Mary adds her talent of writing the melody and lyrics



Fun and joyful on the surface, the song, however, follows the notion of a much more important topic that needs to be discussed more often.


As the duo explains: “We see a lot of hate and negativity in society and wanted to bring it to light and talk about it. We wanted to write a fun song that highlighted the negative effects of hate on people and the societies we live in.


“Our hope is that people will see that hate is not the answer to our problems.”

'Love To Hate Me' is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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