'Trip' The Latest Release From SLOWRIDE Is Out Today

Published on 8 October 2021 at 11:57



Whether on a physical trip, an inner journey or through the wonders of psychedelics, slowride’s new single ‘Trip’ plays upon the notion of taking. Trip into self-discovery, finding oneself by removing the masks we wear, and becoming one’s true authentic self. 


Released this week, on October 8th, 2021, slowride’s latest track sees the band once again join forces to collaborate with Isaac Carpenter from US rock band AWOLNATION to create a genre-bending pop song which starts with funky bass loop and climaxes with a heavy rock break that Rage Against The Machine would be proud of. 


The lyrics ‘ready, fire, aim’ refer to just leaning into life and working it all out as you go.’ The brand-new video will be out on the 22nd. The video features vintage Super 8 footage of Ali’s dad and his friends on a road trip across the USA in 1971. Exactly 50 years ago!


Formed in 2020, at the peak of the pandemic crisis, vocalist Ali Epstone, multi-instrumentalist Phil Jones and drummer Tomas Oliver Moore played together on the punk/DIY scene for several years before the world came to stand still. Giving them the license to refocus their creative attention on a more commercial, radio friendly sound, slowride was born.



For this hot new band, their musical goal is to explore the balance in the spectrum of life against a backdrop of genre-bending pop songs. In ‘Trip’, the band use electronic waves of finely tuned music to absorb the listeners into a whirlwind of auras, before adding jangling guitars and background screaming to add a whole new level of raw emotion to the number.


As said before on Our Sound Music, despite only being at its genesis, slowride have already built a fruitful and zesty foundation to a promising musical endeavour. ‘Trip’ is the latest piece of the jigsaw puzzle. 








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