ALIX PAGE Shares The Powerful New Single And Music Video, ‘25’

Published on 18 October 2021 at 00:41

Photo: Dillon Matthew



After a year of developing her debut EP, Southern Californian-born Alix Page shares the powerful new single and music video, ‘25’; a sun-kissed and romanticised forecast with a past lover, imagining where she’ll run into him and what he’ll say.


25 is about reminiscing on a past relationship - going down the rabbit hole of wondering what could have been different and where you’ll both end up later in life.” tells Page. 


I wrote it at a time where romanticising the future was the best way to escape everything I was feeling being stuck at home in quarantine. This one is definitely a favourite; in terms of writing and production, I don’t think I've ever been prouder of a song.” 


At first glance, 19-year-old Page may come across like a typical, indistinguishable and average teenager, but upon second glance, this is not the case. Instead, Alix Page is best describable by those around her as a beam of joy, the best friend you didn’t know you needed. She is simply talented beyond her years, gleaming with an exciting and unconventional inner world. 


‘25’ is a song shaped by memories and fuelled by passion, sharing with us a journey into Alix’s identity. Erupting with forgiveness and pondering with hope and reflection, you will no doubt be captivated by this release. 


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