'Fever', The new Hip-Hop-Punk Single By VINCENT GEORGE Is Out Now

Published on 20 October 2021 at 18:18



When you take a trip into Vincent George’s newest single ‘Fever’, you will be left pondering how punk and hip-hop could work so well together. Inspired by a modern crop of artists such as Jean Dawson and Brockhampton, but also pulling brainwaves from 00s punk, hip hop and coming of age soundtracks, ‘Fever’ may just have it all.


After spending 10 years as a prolific producer, working with the likes of Weird Milk, Natives, and Cusp, 2021 has uncoiled as a turning point for Vincent George, who has now taken the reigns to release his own material, benefacting the world with his own feelings and visions.


As the now-solo artist explains, his latest track explores how your mind can quickly spiral out of control without having any reasons behind it. The worries and anxieties can take over, leaving you in a paranoid state of affairs.



Many of us deal with dark thoughts jump into our heads and you have to do your best to bat them away and tell yourself they are just thoughts. That’s the battle going on here,” 

Vincent reiterates upon the release. 


Self-produced in his bedroom during lockdown, built around an iPhone recorded downstroke guitar, recorded in his kitchen are 808s, hard-hitting trap inspired drums, late 90s punk style picked guitar and a distorted chorus-y lead guitar. This track provides a shimmery blanket for his layered vocals that shine through effervescently. 


'Fever' is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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