Chicago Punk Band GUARDRAIL Release New Single And Video - 'Social Meteor'

Published on 21 October 2021 at 14:17



True to its title, serving up a cluster of shooting stars in your ears, Chicago punk band Guardrail’s new anthem ‘Social Meteor’ is a cracker you need in your life this weekend, dishing up a storm.


Consisting of Kevin Andrew on drums, Ken Ugal on guitar and vocals, Alyssa Laessig on bass and vocals and Doug Brand on drums, Guardrail released their debut EP ‘Wordswords’ in 2015, which they followed two years later with ‘Par at Best’. Since cementing their current line-up in 2018, they’ve released several singles, and in September 2020, dropped their third EP.


Now the band are back with a new single ‘Social Meteor’. True to form, Guardrail delivers a relentless barrage of jagged riffs, chugging bass and explosive drums to drive home their timely message of our cultural addiction to social media, and its pernicious effect on our sense of identity and self-worth.


The fun music video has racked up over 12,000 views


Kevin and Alyssa sing the biting lyrics with forceful intensity, powerfully expressing their exasperation with things and feelings of helplessness to do anything about it: “There’s real human contact beyond my fingertips, but I couldn’t give a s--t. There’s an object unidentified approaching me (Oh wait!), it’s just my self-doubt and uncertainty. Why can’t I come back down? I’m stuck in the stratosphere. My lack of satisfaction left me stranded out here. How should I know what they expect from me? I’ll just write another paragraph and run away from my fear.


Social Meteor’ will hit you right in the face with its aggression and angst, sending you into a maelstrom of highly-strung emotions. It is a stomper, one that you cannot afford to be missing. 


'Social Meteor' is out now on all major streaming platforms.




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