SANDRA'S WEDDING 'Pleasure Grounds'

Published on 25 October 2021 at 10:39



I sometimes say to myself that the hardest part of my job is reviewing an entire album. In fact, I think a lot of us hold that opinion. I could wake up one morning and fancy a guitar entrenched psychedelia masterpiece and the next an all-out hardcore punk scrimmage. 


Basically, you never quite know what to get from a catalogue of songs, and if that catalogue of songs turns out to be the soundscape you weren’t looking for, then tough luck. However, Sandra’s Wedding, a Goole-based band, has all the answers. 


It seems to me that no matter what you fancy on a given day, Sandra’s Wedding has the album for you. Their latest release ‘Pleasure Grounds’ is, as a whole, extremely listenable. I mean, it gives off that warm smell of a school reunion disco where all the venue plays are those 80s hits that no one can resist. 


We all have those songs and genres that we dread to hear our friends stick on, but with Sandra’s Wedding, I really don’t see why anyone would complain if it’s all that was played. Whether it’s the sun kissed waves of ‘Waiting’ that entices you or the road-trip elements of ‘When I Stall’ that takes your fancy, this band will soothe your ears.


And the good news for listeners of The Smiths and The Housemartins, is that you can hear inspiration from their guitar jangles throughout, with the vocals resonating Paul Heaton, too. With catchy songs that are full of bright, strident guitars and clever lyricism about northern life, ‘Pleasure Grounds’ sets the perfect backdrop to a band that creates sound for everyone. 


But it isn’t just the sound and aura that the band creates that gives it that high valuation; their ability to tell a story is first class. This is something best showcased in ‘Should’ve Got A Trade’. It reminds me of a story that Madness would tell. Another flawless tale of life in the north and the quirks that come with it, proliferating with joy and reminiscence.


Elsewhere, you will find hidden gems and flawless storytelling in all the other songs. We have just picked a few of the best. However, we are sure you will discover your own Sandra’s Wedding somewhere in your life, so go ahead, listen to ‘Pleasure Grounds’ and see for yourself!


At the end of the day, if you’re unsure what you fancy travelling through your ears today, or any day, then your best bet is to stick on this beauty; it pleases all! *** 3/4


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