"Blue" The New Six-Track EP From SLEEPYHEAD Is Out Now

Published on 29 October 2021 at 15:08



It plays like a collection of songs that perfectly tell the deepest stories of our years in adolescence, glazing candied guitar strings with stimulating vocals that are sure to transport you into a state of thoughtfulness and nostalgia. Sleepyhead have released their brand-new EP ‘Blue’ this week.


You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know who Sleepyhead were, but with tens of thousands of streams on Spotify, they are quickly emerging out of their starting blocks. They are an indie-pop duo made up of Seb Reid on vocals, guitar & synth, and Matt Davies, who adds drums to Seb’s selection of talents. 


Friends from high school, they first formed in 2016 while the pair were at university, sending each other demos from different cities. Since graduating in 2018, they have released two Eps and a double A-side. Now they look to release to the world their best creation yet. 


‘Blue’ is the first half of the band’s 12-track debut album, with the second half scheduled for early 2022. The duo explained that they wanted to make an album where every track could stand alone as a single: “all thriller, no filler”.


Photo: Brody Cook


It is said that the latest release is one that the band feel they have showcased to the best of their abilities. As Matt explains: "The album is the first time we've been able to capture every aspect of our sound, we wanted to be able to show all of our influences whilst keeping a cohesive sound to the project.


Every song on the EP ‘Blue’ deserves recognition. If Willy Wonka’s factory had a modern age soundtrack, we are pretty sure that sleepyhead would feature heavily. The sound they echo is dreamy, candied and velvety. 


"Blue" the new EP from Sleepyhead is out today on all major streaming platforms.






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