EMILY GURKLIS Has Released Her Melancholic New Single "Waiting On The Rain"

Published on 4 November 2021 at 19:26



When you step foot into the music industry, there’s fine margins between making it and failing it. Before you get yourself wrapped up in the vortex, ask yourself these questions…


Do you want it?


No, seriously, do you really want it?


What are you in it for?


Is it the money or is it the love of music?


Well, we can assure you, Emily Gurklis wants this lifestyle, she does it for the love of it, we can tell through her brand-new single ‘Waiting On The Rain’, which is released this week. 


With her refined grasp on what it takes to be a successful musician, and her effortless knowhow of what works well with what in every section of her songs, Emily is paving a broad horizon for herself.


Emily is passionate about crafting emotionally honest lyrics supported by memorable melodies. In her personal writing, Emily is unafraid to touch on topics that often go unaddressed in a relatable and reflective manner.



‘Waiting On The Rain’ follows this same theme. It forms as her melancholic second release which wrestles with the anticipatory feeling of wondering when things are going to go wrong. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, her indie folk single combines perfect harmonies with amazing melodies to ensure listeners will be left wanting more.





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