"Leave This Town", The Astonishing New Single Release From SUMMER RAIN Is A Must-Listen

Published on 7 November 2021 at 19:38



Have you ever felt the urge to just get up and leave your hometown behind? A burning desire to make a change and start something new? That’s what this song encapsulates. ‘Leave This Town’ is the astonishing new single by Summer Rain, which perfectly bottles up that very feeling of running away.


On top of its meaning, though, it’s a pop song filled with endless energy, The Beatles-esque guitar parts and melodies, and The Beach Boys-esque vocal harmonies. Putting their maximum marketing power behind the release, through Tik Tok campaigns and pitching to influential blogs, it can be argued that the quality of the song is enough to create its own marketing storm.


They say that where you are from shapes who you are. For Summer Rain, their surroundings of Qualicum Beach in Vancouver Island, which boasts an average age of 65 years old, has instilled old-school rock into their influences. Yet the band still manages to maintain a sense of youth in their tunes.


Photo: Lochlan Moore


Summer Rain is ultimately a melting pot of personalities, energetic performances, and melodies made for singing in the shower. Their music is outstanding, and their message is pertinent. They insist on perceiving reality in a way that keeps you at peace with uncertainty and adversity and encourage you to be confident in making positive changes to your own life and the world around you.



Now, we can’t be certain that running away will prompt a positive change, but it sure is a good song. Just don’t let Summer Rain’s powerful lyrics always choose your path… no matter how tempting it is!








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