THEM VELVET TONGUES Release Their Astounding Debut Single & Music Video

Published on 26 November 2021 at 10:55

Photo: Gaz Davies



Them Velvet Tongues have this week released their debut single, ‘I Am the Drug’.  They are a brand-new rock & roll band from Blackburn, England who have released a song that signals a start like they mean to carry on.


A debut single is often the most reserved release a new band or artist will ever release, as they are typically embedded with a sense of nervousness as to what kind of reception it will receive. Them Velvet Tongues, however, take a different approach. 


Straight from the song’s genesis, you will soon find yourself trapped in a heavy guitar riff that instantly heightens your senses. The riff is then followed by passionate vocals and violent bashes of a drum kit. Adrenaline is the word that comes to mind.


But as the band explains, the vivacious temperament of the song is not surprising for them, and if you do choose to listen to this band for the long-term, get used to the raw energy. They state that their new single is everything they’re about; dirty riffs, soaring harmonies, face-melting guitar solos and a bit of hip-hop swagger thrown in for good measure.


The band have pulled out all the stops with this cracking video to accompany their debut release


There are tinges of Kasabian in their lyricism and vocals, dashes of Oasis in their guitar riffs and an overriding aura of Primal Scream in their attitude, so listeners should always be prepared to take in a lot with this Blackburn five-piece. 


Additionally, the song is also accompanied by a deeper meaning. As they explain, the lyrics in ‘I Am the Drug’ are a commentary on the way charismatic leaders can use politics and religion like a drug to control the masses, and they serve as a warning to reject false prophets. The song was inspired by cults like the Manson family and the rise of Trump in the US.


"I Am The Drug" is out now on all major streaming platforms.





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