CORAL PALMS Continue To Impress With Fresh Single “Something in the Air”

Published on 26 November 2021 at 18:45

Photo: Dean Sherwood

By Angus SInclair



When new bands gain rapid attention in a short time, it hardly takes a genius to realise that there might just be some serious talent on offer; Coral Palms fall into such a category of artist. 


Today, the fourth single of a promising music career has been released to the world. Through ‘Something in the Air’, Coral Palms continue to offer compelling value to their music, expressing that the track is “about meeting someone on a night out but not just ‘anyone’, someone you know there is some future with, you just don’t know quite what that future is yet.”


Coral Palms like to keep things candid. Maintaining a cool and laid-back demeanour comes naturally for the four-piece Indie-Pop Rock band despite a clear burgeoning rise to prominence. 


Photo: Dean Sherwood


Initial successes have been complimented with lauded reviews, with EARMILK, Rolling Stone, Variance Magazine, and Indie Top 39 all offering positive reviews. 


The lads detailed first meetings at university in London, with Ollie, Will, Adriano, and Callum quickly realising that sessions together could just be the basis of something special, and in no time at all a goal was set and focus was aptly homed. 


Since opening their account in March 2021, Coral Palms have exhibited their quality with three singles: Drink Too Much; Echoes; and Open Roads – the latter achieving over 140,000 streams on popular streaming service Spotify. 


That is, until their fourth – and best! (I believe) – single ‘Something in the Air’ has taken its place in the musical ranks. Honestly, this four-piece brings originality and a buoyant approach to indie-rock music, providing emphasis on catchy, relatable lyrics and irresistible authentic riffs. 


Coral Palms have set themselves apart from the aspiring rabble with just four singles. Now, imagine what’s around the corner…








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