THE ENGLISH RAIN Pluck At The Heartstrings With New Single “Melting Into You”

Published on 7 December 2021 at 10:35

By Angus SInclair



The English Rain have today released their buoyant new single “Melting into you” before an anticipated second album hits the stores. 


An endearing love song, “Melting into you” succeeds in tugging on the heartstrings and pulling you into a love ballad with soothing vocals and enticing instrumentals. 


The track opens with the conviction of an Oasis classic, as a guitar laden foundation opens proceedings and sets the tone for the discourse of the tune. 


Everyone can resonate with the essence of the song, with the message that The English Rain have conveyed; from the men themselves, the song is about falling in love with someone and being utterly captivated by them. 


With vibrancy and rhythmic fluidity, “Melting into you” certainly ticks the box as a catchy piece of music with an air of originality.



The English Rain was founded by talented former band members Steve Boom and Neil Steward, who lived on respective ends of the globe but nonetheless collaborated and shared an intense passion in creating quality music. 


Steve described the crafting of the track with candid affection, saying: I wrote the song after just falling hopelessly in love with someone, and it just all came together really quickly”.


Eventually, the duo decided to bite the bullet and work on a debut studio album after creating an abundance of songs, realising that such innate ears for music couldn’t possibly go to waste. 


The song has been credited with a distinct semblance to a tune from the esteemed ‘Girlfriend’ album from one Matthew Sweet. The lads effectively capture his rhythm and flow, and will no doubt continue to impress as they forge their path in the industry. 


“Melting into you” has everything you could wish for from a love song, aptly named as it hits home with conviction. If you’re a fan of wholesome and jangly music, give it a listen now!






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