FIRST FRONTIER Release Triumphant Third Single "Edging"

Published on 15 January 2022 at 12:21

Photo: Paul Stafford



Constructed around the feeling of frustration of trying to achieve something but never quite making it to where you want to be, “Edging”, the latest track to come from Birmingham-duo First Frontier, is a hyperactive song that is a fan favourite of the band’s live set.


Engineered and recorded by Nic Bueth (of the band TV Priest) in Hackney Wick, East London, and Dave Beauclerr at Brockley Studios, the track was produced by the band themselves. “Edging” opens with a compelling riff that meshes with tribal drums, before the two merge and tumble into the first verse. 


The lyrical phrasing is inventive and as the band says:It’s like we know we’re doing this thing that feels like we’re only ever edging forward, but the distance yet to go hasn’t diminished, and yet we’re still going to keep doing it.“


“Edging”, the band’s third release, explores the idea that people expend a lot of time & energy on going places in their desired interests, but often find that when they stop to check their progress, they have barely moved upwards in the progression chart. 


As the Birmingham rockers explain, the song is dedicated to anybody who tried a thing, and it didn’t work out as planned. It’s an ode to every plan gone awry, every dream tarnished, every attempt missed.


Photo: Paul Stafford


With its upbeat characteristics, “Edging” is also a song that pays homage to those who get up, brush themselves off, and keep trying. 


“Edging” is out now on all major streaming platforms









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