LOSS OF SIGNAL Pump Life Into The Pop-Punk Industry With Roaring Debut Album “Audible Trauma”

Published on 17 January 2022 at 17:41

By Angus SInclair



 Ten days ago, pop-punk band Loss Of Signal made their first emphatic move in the industry, releasing a wonderful 12-track debut album that will have wistful fans of the once flourishing genre buoyant once more. 


Primarily situated in Belfast, Ireland, the three-pierce offer a vibrant modern take on a genre that thrived throughout the 90’s and 00’s. It’s been a long time coming, with the past few years, troubled by the pandemic, presenting a platform to create musical cohesion and focus on releasing their first album, Audible Trauma. 


Well, time was clearly well spent because the maiden piece ticks all the boxes. The three lads - with Dario on vocals and guitar, Ash as the lead guitarist, and Graham dictating from the drumkit – have created a powerful list of songs that present that clear punk feel, whilst instrumentally combining the talents of the members to create a fluid, evocative sound – harnessing that pop-punk feeling. 


The swift opening track, Product Of Our Time”, presents a female voice quirkily introducing proceedings through what sounds like an automated system, announcing that there has been a ‘loss of signal throughout the country’, an interesting take and a fantastic way to commence the band’s first album, stamping an air of authentic authority right from the off.


Loss Of Signal continue that ferocious, high-paced approach throughout, with a merge of messages and influences weaving their way from track to track. 


With messages to the government, the necessity of social change and the importance of everyone looking to make a positive difference, the crux of the album becomes even more powerful. 


Former releases have also been included in the album, remastered, and refined to compliment the new songs. These include: “Underdogs”, “You”, “Break Out”, “Home”, “Go”, and “Aftermath” – all maintaining the punk aura that the band use throughout their song writing. 

The album closes with “The War”, one of the most nostalgic tunes from the 12; find it in a Blink 182 album and you would not bat an eyelid.


Photo: Jamie Orr


Effectively, Audible Trauma is a touching, reminiscent tribute to past decades of prominent pop-punk music, with salient shades of such musical influences throughout.


Loss Of Signal make it clear throughout their debut album that the previous wave of pop-punk indeed serves as the focal point to their sound, but that equally, they have their own ideas about maintaining originality as they convey their message through their music. 


The guitar riffs are infectious, the lyrics are meaningful, and the vocals are perfect for the brand of music. You cannot evade the sense of nostalgia emanating from each passing track, but nevertheless, make no mistake, this is no mere recycling of a once thriving genre. 


Loss Of Signal are something new, something authentic. Something to make you stop and allow a small smile creep up the corner of your mouth as you reminisce about times gone by, a contemporary take on classic hits that listeners can resonate with. 


Think Blink 182, Paramore, Sum 41. Nuanced shades extracted from each can be heard, can be engulfed. 


On the release, they said this, After 2 years of recording from our home studios, our debut album is finally here. Audible Trauma is a 12-track love letter to 90’s and 00’s pop-punk that puts our own twist on the genre.”


I suppose I’d better conclude; I could go on, I really could. Loss Of Signal’s cheerful essence is aptly conveyed through each track, all differing and offering something distinctive. As far as debut albums go, it’s an absolute cracker. 


The exemplary thing about these lads is they have found a way to remind people of those artists that used to captivate their interest but have maybe faded through the changing of the times. And now, people can return to previous favourites whilst discovering a fresh and gripping new band. 


The four-piece are at the maiden stage of their musical journey, but what is a story without the opening? They have taken the first steps, creating some fabulous music to birth a promising career in the industry. 


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