HARRISON RIMMER Brings Perceptible Energy To The Table On New Single "The End"

Published on 22 January 2022 at 14:51



With Harrison Rimmer’s latest release, you know exactly what to expect within the first few seconds. Laced with perceptible energy and passion straight from the start, you get the sense right away that Rimmer is in the music scene for the right reasons. The glaring fervour that the rising talent showcases at the beginning don’t slow down until the next song hits your head top, bringing listeners on a journey of effervescent soundscapes and hard-hitting riffs. 


Standing as the second single from his debut album, ‘Larkholme’, the newly released ‘The End’ is also Harrison’s heaviest anthem to date. Challenged by his producer to go big or go home, the Fleetwood-born musician brought other influences into his music and has come out the other side with a single that differs from the rest of his repertoire.


Despite suggesting that he doesn’t usually write this kind of music, even though he admits to being a metal and rock fan for years, Harrison found a new lease of life when piecing together ‘The End’. 


Speaking ahead of the release, Harrison explained: “I really wanted to push myself this time, every song on the album has taken a piece of me & this song took a lot from me. Not just musically but lyrically too. I wanted a song that wasn't about love, loss or nostalgia, but actually make a statement."


I wanted to use the mantra that was passed onto me from Punk 4 The Homeless, "Punk isn't a genre, it's a mindset". So I decided to dance around with politics & talk about society at large. I'll never explicitly express what my political views are as I'm aware my audience shares both sides of the aisle, all I'll say is that for me this song is a message of hope."


That people realise that together we're stronger & can make positive changes for our future, even when things like social media, newspapers, etc cloud our better judgements and deafen our ears. We must always listen to everyone’s views, whether we agree with them or not and grow."



In many ways, Harrison’s latest piece highlights the array of sounds that the young musician is capable of puzzling together. ‘The End’ stands as a creative monolith of what’s waiting around the corner for future releases. With a bright future ahead of him, we expect Harrison Rimmer to keep springing surprises in the ever-changing musical landscape, keeping us all on the edge of our seats. 


You can listen to "The End" via our embedded streaming link below.








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