FIRST FRONTIER Switch Things Up With Compelling And Heartfelt Single ‘Insist”

Published on 12 February 2022 at 13:05

By Angus Sinclair


First Frontier have returned with the buttery, emotive and candid new single “Insist”, in many ways a love story, but also a calling for better care from humanity towards the planet.  First Frontier – consisting of Helena and Paul - are a rock duo from the bustling midlands city of Birmingham, giving a glimpse of things to come with the single, utilising their musical dynamism with a change in tune this time around. 


Helena and Paul aren’t just two voices, their brand of music means that a range of musical talents is the requisite for success. The endearing drumbeat found in the track is the product of Helena’s adept percussion skills, whilst the confident strum of the guitar is credited to Paul’s versatility when it comes to his passion for music. 


First Frontier have been described as ‘either neo-garage, post-punk and rock in many a guise’. Alas, their distinctive music goes beyond genre, it transports the listener to a place where only music can take you, a place of beauty of tranquillity. 


"Insist" differs from the first three releases – “Break Away”, “Jagged Lines”, and “Edging” – and the band explained the reasoning behind the emotional shift.  Indeed, in "Jagged Lines", the thumping of the guitar and crescendo of the anticipating drum serves a vibrant meal, and whilst "Break Away" and "Edging" follow similar blueprints, the pair share the lead in terms of the vocals, something not done in previous releases, and it succeeds with emphatic effect.


There is something beautiful when voices of different genders combine to make music, offering different shades of sound to guide the listener through an emotional journey.


“Insist is slower and much less intense than some of our other songs. We wanted to explore a more vulnerable side of ourselves.”


"Insist" is infectious, it is meaningful, it is elegant. Soothing, euphoric guitar riffs and the cheerful rhythm of the drum leave a far more vulnerable side to things. The slick sounding single was aptly engineered and recorded by Nic Bueth – known as a member of TV Priest – in Hackney Wick, East London. 


After meeting in 2016, the duo swiftly forged a lasting, endearing friendship; a friendship that provided the platform for future musical connection that has christened a partnership that will see them make their way through the industry.


The songs that First Frontier deliver exceed expectations each time. The potential expands each time, and the sky's the limit for this delightful two-piece.








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