Published on 14 March 2022 at 02:57

Words: Adam Wright


Welcome to OSM’s weekly roundup of the hottest new tunes that have caught our eye over the past week. As ever, we’re starting with this week’s choice for Single Of The Week. This week we’ve gone for the new drop from the London-based Cascade and it is called ‘Merry Little World’. The track is fast out the blocks with its Reytons-inspired instrumentation which, when coupled with its early Arctic Monkeys-esque lyricism, create a sound big enough for a stadium. 


Onto other releases and we have the new Polybius tune. The Liverpool-based band released the rocky ‘Freefalling’ on Friday. The single combines aggressive vocals with thrashing instrumentation that culminate in the band’s most complete and tight sounding record to date. The band will be hoping the tune sets them up for another successful year after previously going from strength to strength within Liverpool’s underground scene…next this week is the new drop from the Manchester-based band, Supera Morza. The four-piece, who originate from Manchester and Bolton, recently dropped their new tune, ’I’m Working It Out’. The track, which is as ferocious as anything you’re likely to hear this week, combines grunge and punk influences to craft a truly arresting sound. If you like attitude, you’ll love this track…this next release comes from a band who’ve previously caught the attention of the team at OSM. The tune comes from The Vista, a Birmingham-based group that have only been gracing the indie scene since last year. The tune, named ‘Truth be told’ sees the band adopt a slightly more stripped back approach to their sound. The track leans heavily on its infectious rhythm section and benefits from the prominence of its raw vocal…the new one from Placebo was also dropped last week. The track, titled ‘Happy Birthday In The Sky’, begins with a bare and vocal-centric sound but soon drops the intimacy for grand instrumental breaks that soar and crash over the tunes' choruses. The song is the last to be taken from the duo’s forthcoming album, which arrives on 25th March 2022…moving onto a more poppy vibe now with the new drop from Abbie Ozard. The Manchester -based artist’s new single, ‘Pisces’ brings soothing tones with its soft vocal and bright and youthful feelings with its synth-drenched instrumentation. The tune, which centers around the importance of recognising your strengths, proceeds the singer’s new EP, which is due later this year…last but not least this week is also a more pop-inspired tune. It’s called ‘Embrace The Stars’ and comes from solo artist Gavin Murphy. The tune features a sound heavily inspired by the ‘80s. Melodic guitars and synths account for the bulk of the track’s sound, while Murphy’s soft vocal evokes the likes of U2 and REM. The end result is a feel-good and nostalgic tune.


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