"Then And There", The New Single From TIRED ALL THE TIME Is Out Now

Published on 10 April 2022 at 08:47



Tired all the Time (TATT) are back with a brand-new neo-psychedelia release that straddles along a thin line that bridges between dystopia and utopia. While their lyrics in past releases have seen the Washington DCers explore subjects of sociogenic anxiety, societal disparities, and future uncertainty, they tackle ‘Then And There’ to the backdrop of melody and symphony.


Mixing undertones of punk rock with sludge and indie pop, TATT continues to show an unhinged approach to music that sees a melange of elements come together in almighty fine fashion. Aiming to bring the dream-like quality of the work and recreation cycle into focus, ‘Then And There’ looks at relitigating questions of previous potential, exploring the idea that eternal recurrence is a great wheel slowly grinding us to dust.


‘Then And There’ is an atmospheric melody that integrates immersive synth sounds with delicate vocals that create the overwhelming feeling of listener’s floating through each seam of the song. To a great extent, TATT’s newest song transports you into a kaleidoscopic whirlwind, with its gripping harmonies being driven by a cautious build up of punk aggression.



The newest single also indicates the beginning of a successful spring for the North American band. They are currently nominated for Best Hard Rock Artist and Best Hard Rock song for ‘The Board’ in the 2022 WAMMIE Season - this will then be capped off when they become a featured artist for Spazzfest XIII’s capstone event at the State Theater in Greenville, NC. They are also set to be the direct support for Tigerclub at Metro Gallery in Baltimore on April 14th, 2022. 


TATT are currently throwing all sorts of ingredients into their cauldron for 2022. Within their spells, they have a balanced mixture of live shows, nominations, a melting pot of genres to explore, and most importantly, a conveyor belt supply of brilliant new tracks. 


2022 is set to be huge!







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