THE LOWTONES Unleash Thrilling Debut EP 'Front Row Empty'

Published on 25 April 2022 at 10:24



Sonically, it is prepossessing, and lyrically it is eclipsing, but The Lowtones’ debut EP ‘Front Row Empty’ stands out above anything as a sirenic new creation with five incandescent tracks, packed full to the brim with British post-punk consistency and an indie-esque finish. 


The Lowtones are a Norwich-based band that formed in the shadows of the 2020 global pandemic. Consisting of Oliver ‘Mav’ Mavilio, Jack Abbott, Tim Cary, Aaron Davies-Jones, and George Abbott, the talented individuals have all played their role in former bands, but now under the collective name of The Lowtones, they seek success on the musical pedestal. 


Boasting a vocal delivery to die for, along with a percussion of instrumentals that marries havoc with melancholy and authenticity, The Lowtones have produced a wall of sound that submerges listeners into their own dimension. Steeped in imaginative wordplay and anthemic guitar sounds, ‘Front Row Empty’ is bound to get their fans wanting to disobey the title of the EP.


Talking about the magnificent release, the band explains:Musically, we were (at least partly) inspired by the time. There is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty out there at the moment and we have sought to capture that in our sound. There isn’t any sort of specific context or set way it should be listened to. There are a lot of themes in the lyrics about isolation and loneliness, difficult break-ups, and unrequited love which lots of people will be able to relate to on some level. But the music is also pretty upbeat and catchy so you can just as easily dance to it.”


Front Row Empty was purely a way to express the feeling I had after experiencing heartbreak, and then subsequently the fear and anxiety of being back out on the scene alone. The lows that I’ve encountered in the pursuit of new love, where nothing compares but the bridge is burnt.”


The songs throughout this EP still hold that trademark caterwaul in previous releases, with high-octane energy being a key characteristic in the band’s sound, but ‘Front Row Empty’ often looks to slow things down in comparison to previous releases, and the cautious approach to the EP makes way for a much more refined track list to what we’re used to. 


Of course, The Lowtones have always been a great band, but the switch in style, going against something they’re unfamiliar with, has let them explore a part of their sound that is uncharted, yet superb. 






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