GULLY Returns With Vibrant New Single 'The View'

Published on 30 April 2022 at 21:16

Photo: Luke Shadrick



Gully writes, creates, plays, and releases music for the cool indie teenagers who you usually find walking around in wranglers jeans, blasting music off their vinyl players, and claiming they have the best music taste in their friendship group - which they would absolutely be correct in proclaiming.


Releasing a second single in 2022 just one month after the funky sounds of ‘See The Sun’ hit all platforms, Gully is showing a restless work schedule as he heralds his own path to mainstream recognition. ‘The View’ combines Easy Life’s laidback effectiveness with Tyler the Creator’s callous lyricism to give life to a song that tells the world that Gully is here to stay.


Hailing from the musically quiet streets of Portsmouth, Gully’s latest production is a fanfare and proclamation that, despite humble beginnings, he is more than capable of plotting the small port city on the cultural map.  


Essentially, ‘The View’ is an introduction to Gully and his music for those who are unaware of his growing presence. The now Bristol-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist believes in the ethos of carrying on through disaster to climb to the top of his profession, insisting that “there’s a view to enjoy at the end”.



Putting a spotlight on funky, catchy, and rhythmic music that is effortlessly accompanied by compelling vocals, Gully persists in releasing music that will instil a sense of relaxation in his listeners as he adopts a hallmark attitude of unperturbed nonchalance. 


Not only is this musician a brilliant talent, though, because he also possesses an unattainable personality. Last time we covered his music, we were told the story of how he had broken his jaw when recording his first record.


This time, he tells us that he was once paid a bag of peanuts for one of his performances, claiming that he felt as though the promoter wasn’t his biggest fan (as if that wasn’t obvious from the story!). More interestingly, he also told us that he has had his music used by a friend to teach English as a second language in China… something we found pretty cool.


An excellent personality and an even better musician, Gully has introduced himself to everyone in a worthwhile manner through the conciliating new single ‘The View’. 






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