Single Reviews 09/05/22

Published on 9 May 2022 at 22:58

Curated by:  Adam Wright


Welcome to this week’s round up of some of the latest and greatest singles from the indie music scene. We hope this list does its bit to get you through the week. As usual, first on the list is OSM’s Single Of The Week. This week it comes from the Bristol-based Saloon Dion. The quintet released ‘Pressure’ - their fourth release - on Friday and have affirmed themselves as ones to watch this year. The song features a punky and aggressive approach to instrumentation that makes the track as restless as it is addictive. A charged bass line runs through the spine of the track while the delivery of its lyricism - which expresses discontent at the political climate in the UK - truly embodies the feelings conveyed. Sounding like a mix of Shame and Idles, ‘Pressure’ is one of the most exciting 1 minute 53 seconds you’ll hear. 


Onto recipes proper and we have the new single  from Apostles. The Manchester-based quintet’s new single, ‘Sixteen’ is their first release since 2020 and reintroduces the band’s indie-rock inspired sound. The tune, complete with its northern swagger, sees the band exploring concepts of nostalgia and doing so with a vibrant and soaring musical vehicle…up next is the latest release from Skylights. Their new single, ‘Driving Me Away’ shows the band’s subtle side. Acoustic guitars form the foundations of the track while a guest appearance from guest violinist, Julia Violinista, adds to song’s wistful lyricism. The tune forms a great closer for the group’s debut album - which is out now…sticking with subtle sounds now with the new release from Shea Rafferty. The Irish-born and London-based singer songwriter dropped ‘You’ll Be There’ on Friday and has swapped the guitar in his previous release for a piano in this one. His soulful vocal tone and lamenting lyrics sit comfortably on a backdrop of minimal instrumentation. It’s as good as the singer has ever sounded…next is the new one from the Leeds-based band, Cliché Cult. The track, titled Plastic World, is the group’s second release of 2022 and sees the band adopting a slightly more spacious sound. Instrumental breaks are given space in which to breathe while raw vocals often sit atop stripped back verses. It’s another step forward for the band who aim to achieve big things this year…next is the indie rock band, The Baines. The Irish-based group released their new tune, ‘I’m Not Me Mine’ on Friday and, with it, they have continued the development of their indie rock and Oasis-inspired sound. The track features wailing guitars, attitude-drenched vocals, and a pounding rhythm section. After only forming last year, the group are well on the way to honing their craft…lastly this week is a more pop-inspired tune with this next one: it comes from the Leeds-formed band, Echo Beach. Their synth drenched and dreamy single, ‘Am I Dreaming?’ is the group’s second release to date and features smooth instrumentation that creates a pensive mood that’s added to by its intense vocal. A true dream pop triumph. 


All of the above releases can be listened to on our Spotify Playlist here.


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