THE NEW NOSTALGIA Unleash Chaos On New Single 'Ibis Budget'

Published on 19 May 2022 at 07:13



British quartet The New Nostalgia have today released a compelling illustration of social commentary through their latest production ‘Ibis Budget’. It is taken from the band’s debut album ‘Bleed & Bloom’, which is scheduled for release in August 2022.


Continuing with their trademark soundscape that looks to produce caterwauling, anthemic style rock music, ‘Ibis Budget’ follows in the footsteps of previous releases, relying on full-bodied choruses and cogent guitar riffs to shape a chaotic creation.


The track, which is partly inspired by lead singer Patrick McCallion’s own experience, details a raucous fever dream-like experience of living in a budget hotel on the outskirts of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.


McCallion, when asked about the thought process behind the single, stated: “I moved to The Netherlands under very chaotic circumstances back in 2017 and spent around two weeks living in a budget hotel near the airport while I tried to find an apartment to rent.


“It was one of the most surreal, Alan Partridge style experiences of my life and I’ve basically been trying to find a way to get this into a song for the past five years! “Ibis Budget” is a chaotic farce of a track, which is basically the only way you can write about living out of a suitcase in a discount airport hotel!



Recorded at Elevator Studios, Liverpool, ‘Ibis Budget’ has a misleading title, with the production and processes of the single seamlessly being high budget, while the many layers that make the song being built with a bedrock layer of supreme quality. 


The New Nostalgia are just four British lads going through an existential crisis, struggling to comprehend the haze of their mid-twenties. But amidst the process, the band meticulously translates their curiosity into heavy, rock-laden music. 






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