HARRISON RIMMER’s 'The South' Is The Essential Anthem For Any Alt-Rock Fanatic

Published on 24 May 2022 at 13:07

By Angus Sinclair


The message is crystal clear. Harrison Rimmer, yearning to convey his thoughts through his music, put pen to paper and etched the quintessential artistic dream of forging a future and making things happen. 


I’m talking, of course, about The South. Rimmer’s most recent release and a glimpse into the churning cogs inside that innate musical brain of his. 


A Yorkshire resident, Rimmer has scoured the globe in search of adding to his understanding of his trade, learning, and evolving as an artist – all the while adding to a growing cluster of supporters. 


You would certainly be forgiven for assuming Rimmer derives from the USA, with The South depicting the scene of the American Midwest and the presence of the land of the free ostensibly woven into the core of the young musician’s identity.


Rockabilly and Punk, two of Rimmer’s ever-present passions, fuse together in The South, and the song’s aura is undeniable. The quirky process stems from Howlin Ric & The Rocketeers, Rock & Roll tradesmen with an originalist Bluesy twinge, who Rimmer supported and hence absorbed their idiosyncrasies. 


After standing there, taking it in, taking that unique style live in the flesh, the path to the next musical endeavour was established. Rimmer said he hadn’t felt that way, and truly resonated with music, since his childhood days, listening to Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and all those Sun Records guys. 


Rimmer’s good friend and fellow musician Gaz Rowntree finds two of his numbers, ‘Cards Are Showing Down’ and ‘Spanish David’, placed in the second verse of The South, attributing his style and musical presence to the influential response Rowntree evoked from Rimmer at the early stage of his career. 


The soft and somewhat stony voice creates a melodious tune, sweetly complemented by the growing crescendo of robust guitars and earworm rhythms that would be well received by just about any alt-rock loving live crowd I can imagine!


This wave of sound finishes in a nuanced piece of art, grasping influences picked up from a lifelong love for music, and presenting a refined and glimmering track. 


The South is a swift but brilliant journey into the mind of a fiercely talented musician. A meandering river of hopeful dreams and candid personal thoughts, fierce in its flow yet fluctuating in instances, diminishing in its intensity as a softer touch to Rimmer’s arsenal unfurls. 


The South shows a continuation of Rimmer’s craft, illustrating a maturity beyond his industry years and only adding to an expanding pool of fantastic tunes.


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