DOORSTEPS Team Up With Kalenco To Present Highly Promising Second Single ‘Easy For You (Some Kinda Cliché)’

Published on 31 May 2022 at 07:11

Words: Max Bradfield


From the depths of West London, Doorsteps return with their second single. Hotly anticipated after their first release, “Gift Without a Curse”, the band shifted to a slightly different style while still reflecting their impressive influences in ‘Easy For You (Some Kinda Cliché)’. 


The debut single was a previously more obvious homage to the recent post-punk movement, with deadpan lyrics delivered akin to the likes of the narrative masters Yard Act or the descriptive, excitable Sports Team. Usual listens for the band extend to the Syd Minsky-powered Working Men’s Club and PVA as the group navigate their own path to create a strain of danceable indie-rock. 


This follow up tune is more influenced by the prestigious alternative group Pavement. That said, the track still grasps a certain movable flair close to its chest. Lyrically, if Doorsteps’s first song was befitting of a huddled pre-drinking scene, this second one is much more suited for ‘afters’. With sobering lyrics, the song is a reflection on missed opportunities and the confusing nature of teenage relationships. 


On the first play, the listener enjoys a delightfully clean guitar tone paired with a conversational yet serious lead vocal from Paddy Brennan. The song is driven by a floating, calming chord structure. This is only grounded by a cool and easily listenable guitar solo from lead guitarist Alfie Vadon and the anchor of a bass riff from Tom Farmer. The solo and change in drum tempo segues nicely into Kalenco’s part, as the South London artist adds a further delicate touch to this indie track. A rising star of the bedroom scene herself, Kalenco (Chloe Stein) is not the only cameo on this one – as Good Delusions’ Gabriel Wyzinski joins to add his expertise on guitar.


With two singles out and already amassing over 2,000 plays with 165 monthly Spotify listeners, the future looks alluring for this relatively new collective. 


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