Published on 31 May 2022 at 18:00

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the OSM weekly single round up. Each week the team at Our Sound Music selects just a small selection of the best singles to emerge onto the indie scene most recently. As always, we’re going to start with our Single Of The Week. This week we’ve chosen the thumping new drop from GRAMMS. The tune, named ‘Shut Up A Second’ is the duo’s debut release and comes as a statement of intent. The track takes inspiration from classic rock in a similar way to The Black Keys; bluesy and distorted guitar lines sit atop pounding rhythms that create a well-rounded and powerful sound. 


Reviews proper and we have a track from The Arkut Brothers. The tune, named ‘Fine’, is the duo’s first release and introduces their country-inspired sound. Rolling acoustic rhythms form the bedrock of the song’s sound while soft and addictive vocals give it its groove. The track is taken from the group’s debut album - to be released later this year…next on this week’s list is Amy Ellen. The Dublin-based solo artist released ‘Day Dreamin’ on Friday and has reintroduced herself to the indie scene. The track is the follow up to her 2021 debut EP and it builds on the singer’s indie-folk sound. Soothing vocals and delicate lyricism evoke Julia Jacklin and Angel Olson on a track that furthers Ellen’s development..sticking with solo artists for this next one, which comes from Tracy Gallagher. The singer-songwriter released her new single, ‘Caves’ last week and has again showcased her natural songwriting ability. The song is a collaboration with the Belfast-based producer, Michael Mormecha and is a haunting and gentle examination of our relationship with the natural world..Next is The Native. They released their new single ‘Changes’ to mark the start of their UK tour. Having already picked up critical acclaim from various publications, their new track propels the group further. Jangly Sam Fender-inspired guitars give the tune a distinct sweet tone and soaring, anthemic choruses aid in providing the song’s power...also this week we have a release  from an artist you’ll likely have heard of. It’s the new drop from the BRIT Award-winning Kamille. At 7.8 billion streams, she’s one of the world’s biggest stars. Her first track of 2022, ‘Learning’ delves deeply into the importance of loving one’s self and trusting your own feelings. It does so with delicate instrumentation and equally delicate vocals. A great start to her year. Last but not least this week we have The Gulps who deliver ‘King Of The Disco’. As its name suggests, the tune isn’t a slow mover. The tune combines elements of rock, pop and disco to create an original and infectious sound. Heavy rhythms give way to isolated vocals which in turn give way to  a charged disco beat. You won’t have heard anything like it. 


All of the above releases can be heard on our curated Spotify Playlist here.

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