Published on 6 June 2022 at 18:11

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the latest Our Sound Music new singles round up. We’ve got another fresh selection of the hottest releases to emerge on the indie scene. We hope this selection makes the week ahead just that little bit easier. First up, as usual, is this week’s Single Of The Week. It’s the new drop from the Nottingham-based Divorce, called ‘Pretty’.. The track combines elements of pop and post-punk and creates an engaging sound. Dark and plodding vocals that evoke the likes of Gustaf and TV Priest give the tune an edgy feeling that demands both the attention of the listener, and that of the developing indie scene. Believe us, Divorce are a band to watch. 


Next this week is the new release from East Yorkshire’s On The Rise. The guitar pop band released their latest single, ‘Time To Go’ last Friday. The single fixes elements of pop and funk to craft an original take on the guitar pop genre. The rhythm section provides the track with a restless and funky quality and extended melodic guitar lines showcase the tune’s pop on this week’s list was also dropped on Friday. It’s the new single from the Wigan-based quintet, Rivver. The song, titled ‘Fever’ showcases the group’s indie rock sound. The track’s vocal brings a northern grittiness to its thick rhythm section and distorted guitars, while anthemic chorus leave the biggest impression. The track comes ahead of the band’s forthcoming EP - released later this summer. ..Next is a group OSM have previously sung the praises of. It’s the alt-grunge three-piece, False Heads. The group’s new track, ‘Mime The End’ was produced by Frank Turner and accelerates the band’s development. Rough, gritty guitars plough the track forward with powerful and a grunge-drenched riff. Vocals that wouldn’t be out of place on a Nirvana tune provide a further sludgy quality on a track that sees the band in their element…next up is the new one from The Pocket Gods. Their new track, named ‘She Says Moon’, gets summer underway with its subtle acoustic backbone and melodic vocals. Bright tones are provided by the song’s layered vocals and simplistic rolling guitar lines. It’s a gentle and feel-good addition to the group’s ever-impressive discography. ..moving on and next is the new drop from Marseille. The tune, ’Might As Well Be Mine’, showcases another side to the band. Its anthem-like pop sound, complimented by its fuzzy guitars, creates a thrilling and adrenaline-drenched track that yet again delivers on the band’s hype. It comes ahead of the group’s EP - Marseille 1 - due to be released later this year...and finally for this week is the new one from Longcoats. The Bristol-based group have been creating a stir since 2019 and their new single, ‘Wears Me Down’ sees them preparing for the summer ahead. The song features infectious rhythms, melodic guitars and soft vocals that are built for the big stage. The single comes ahead of the group’s full length album - which is coming later in 2022. 

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