Published on 15 June 2022 at 09:36

Photo: Katia Temkin

Curated by Adam Wright

Welcome to the OSM weekly single reviews. Each week we select a few songs that have caught our eye over the past seven days. We, as ever, hope this list comes in use over the coming days. To kick things off is this week’s choice for Single Of The Week, which comes from the Glasgow-based Shredd. The band, whose last release came in 2020, have announced their return to the indie scene with a raucous, loud and destructive tune that’s sure to be as rough as anything you’ve heard recently. The tune, named ‘Parasite’ sees the band pounding out a chaotic tune that leaves little room for breath. With lyrics that center around the struggles mental health issues can bring, the song also has something to say. With support from some of the biggest names in the industry, it’s fair to say that one of the UK’s most exciting and incendiary bands is back. 


Sticking with trios, this next one comes from Berries, who have released their new track, ‘Haze’. The tune is as infectious as it is genre evading; bare rhythms develop into wah-infused psychedelic guitar solos while heavy choruses provide the tune with a robust quality akin to an indie power anthem. The three-piece sound as good here as they ever have and their forthcoming album - due for release in July - looks increasingly like a must have…up next is the new tune from Future Radio. The group - who are based down in South Africa - released ‘Give In To You’ on Friday. The track showcases a simplistic and punk-inspired instrumental approach, while soaring choruses give the tune a fresh feeling. Sharply delivered lyrics describe the feeling of uncontrollably falling in love and, with its whaling guitars and infectious rhythms, it’s a track that makes us do just that.,,next this week is a band you’ve regularly seen gracing the pages of OSM. It’s the Manchester-based group, The Haciendas. They have recently dropped ‘Dreamer’, which continues the group’s releases for 2022. The tune sees a development of their sound and showcases melodic lead guitars; a slight deviation from the rougher sound of its predecessors. The track came with the announcement that it would feature on the band’s new EP, so keep your eyes out for that…next up is the new release from the Fareham-based band, The Straights. The quartet released ‘Another Way’ on Friday, their second release of 2022. The track showcases subtle guitar lines that sit beneath a smokey vocal, giving the track a mournful tone. The peace doesn’t last though; pounding drums and distorted guitars replace the subtle tones in the song’s latter stages, injecting the tune with the raw sound fans have come to expect from the group…next on the list is a feel good tune that brings a similar vibe. It comes from the Cleethorpes-based Revivalry. The group - which is made up of members aged 14-17 - dropped ‘All I Ever Wanted’ last week. The tune exhibits a minimalist approach to instrumentation, putting the lead vocal at its heart. A dirty guitar riff forms the backbone of the song’s musical consistency and leaves the tune sounding akin to an early punk track.,,the final tune from this week comes from Pale Waves. The group are set to appear at numerous festivals this summer and their new track, ‘Reasons To Live’ is sure to make an appearance. The tune features an addictive and nostalgic pop-punk sound, along with lyrics that center around a loss of personal drive. The tune is in the same vein as its predecessor, ‘Lies’ and both tunes are to feature on the group’s forthcoming third album which is due for release in August. 


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