JONNY ASH Release Heartfelt Track ‘Rosies’ – Diversifying The Band’s Typically Heavy Style

Published on 17 June 2022 at 21:49

Words: Max Bradfield


Indie rock quartet Jonny Ash have released their latest song ‘Rosies’. It has quickly become a band favourite and is set to resonate with many, exploring the story of a bad experience in a nightclub. 


Rosies’ is a track encased with intimate vocal melodies and piercing guitar riffs throughout. Early doors, the tune breaks out of an acoustic bubble with a crying guitar and stabbing notes that, paired with a lamenting vocal narrative, help create quite an ambient feel. 


The electric lead is direct and unavoidable, providing a constant liveliness to this track as the experience at the club has clearly cemented itself as nothing but a bad memory. The main message is obvious - “I’m not going to Rosies again”.


The thrashing guitar is ever present and after hovering around verses almost impatiently, finally gets its time in the spotlight. Bursting free of its shackles in the final third, the time ultimately comes to display a skilful and simply awesome solo that is almost reminiscent of Amazons or Himalayas stature. 


Explaining why it’s already a band favourite, frontman Callum Gaughran said before unveiling the tune: “We can’t wait to get ‘Rosies’ released, it has a more heartfelt feel compared to some of our other heavier tunes. Playing it live never fails to resonate with people, always ending in a sing-along of ‘I’m not going to Rosies again’. We are buzzing to just get it out there and we hope you love it as much as we do


It is clear why different outlets rate this group from North Wales so highly. Previously, this very website wrote: “We have known for a while now that the Jonny Ash Band are something special.” Additionally, the boys were added to the 2022 Hotlist.


Talk Tonight HQ gushed: “They have cemented themselves as far more than just ‘alright’ by now, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.” It could be suggested a lot of people will be sharing that position, as the band was only formed in 2021. Tracks like this nod to a very exciting future. 


Before this, the group had only released three songs, yet they have garnered airtime from the likes of BBC Radio 6 music, BBC Wales, XS Manchester and Amazing Radio. Influences include The Stone Roses, Thin Lizzy, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Oasis. However, Jonny Ash don’t rest on their laurels – adding their own modern, pulsating spin. 


Aside from some glowing reviews, the group also obtain a merited self-confidence. Big things are coming, and Jonny Ash are here to prove you should take their word for it. 


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