Published on 6 July 2022 at 07:35

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the Our Sound Music new singles round up. Each week we bring you a selection of tracks that we hope aid you in getting through the week ahead. As is the usual practice, we’ll start with the Single Of The Week. This week it comes from the US-based duo, Milly. The band - who are based in LA - dropped ‘Nullify’ last week and announced the single would feature on their debut LP. The track captures the essence of ‘90s shoegaze and adds a fresh take on the recently revived genre. Fuzzy guitars and raw sounding drums give the song a distinct nostalgic feeling while laid back and nonchalant vocals add to the tune’s listenability. With critical acclaim from across the board and a debut record out soon, Milly are sure to be bound for great things. 


Next up is the new drop from Lilla Shy. It’s called ‘Shymode’ and is the solo artist’s first release under her own name. After ghost writing for years, the track shows Shy to be thriving in a glistening and honest indie-pop soundscape. Upbeat instrumentation weaves between melancholic lyrics that frame the singer in an artful introspection of the self…next on this week’s list is ‘Baby I’m Bored’ by the Cambridgeshire-based duo, Collars. The tune is the first to be taken from their forthcoming album and exhibits a more mature sound to the one previously seen from the band. Where their last EP is stripped back and raw, ‘Baby I’m Bored’ showcases a more developed production. It’s a great start to the new record - due out late this year…Pearl Diver are up next with their track, ‘Look For The Light’. The tune occupies the space between dreams and reality; instrumentation guides the track along a drifting and transient path that’s punctuated by soft guitars and transient vocals. Its summer solstice release date makes the song a brilliant way to escape into the sun…on this week’s list next is the new tune from Lilac. The Reading-based band dropped ‘Losing Myself (In You)’ on Friday; the tune is an exploration into their reverb-drenched sound. The end result is a song that both provokes dancing, and expertly explores the struggles of self-inquisition. With this only being the band’s second release, the group seem to be finding their feet fast in Reading’s indie scene…next is the most recent drop from Dylan James. The singer-songwriter - who is from London - released ‘Let’s Talk’ on Friday and, with it, he has pushed himself slightly more into the spotlight of London’s indie scene. A soft and soulful vocal sits on top of equally gentle instrumentation that develops throughout the song to become a well rounded and full bodied sound. There’s power in the track’s lyricism too, which examines the difficulty many face in expressing their true feelings…last but not least for this week comes from Dundee-based Emerald Sunday. Their new tune, named ‘One Sunday Morning’, combines elements of folk and indie rock. An acoustic guitar forms the core of the track’s sound, before layered drums and electric guitars allow the song to spread its wings into a delightful and soaring soundscape. The track sees the band in their creative element and is well worth a listen. 



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