FINDING BELLA Look Forward To A Hometown Show This Saturday & Are Celebrating The Release Of Their New Single In Our Interview

Published on 7 July 2022 at 10:34


OSM: How and when did the band form?
Oli: The band originally formed in the latter half of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. Si had watched some of my covers on YouTube and asked to get together for a jam, which we did. We then added Liam and John into the mix and started playing a few cover gigs. A year later we got Ben on board just as we started cracking on with original material and he added some serious quality to the sound!

OSM: Your second single, ‘Set It Off’ is out now. What was the songwriting and recording process of the track?
Oli: As with most of the tunes we play, I’d written a chord progression and lyrics which were then taken to the lads in the rehearsal room. All of us then add our parts and have a play with the structure.
Ben: After Good Right Now we mutually agreed this was the next banger. We took the song to Ryan at RML Studio in Wolverhampton, the same studio that recorded The Assists debut album, and smashed it out in a day. After that we wanted a touch up on the mastering so we sent it off to the famous Abbey Road Studios to finalise the track for us.

OSM: It is an absolute banger, as was your first single ‘Good Right Now’. Will we in the future hear a more personal and vulnerable side to Finding Bella?
Liam: Our original material has evolved over the past 12 months and whilst we feel have now found our sound within the indie space, we are constantly experimenting with new sounds. This has been heightened since Ben joined and added Keyboard and Synth to the arrangement.
John: With only two singles out so far, we’ve had to make a difficult choice on what to release. People who have seen us play live have seen more of our original material, some of which you could argue is more personal. You’ll have to catch us at a gig this summer to hear them in person. Ultimately, the songs are based upon our experiences and lifestyles, and we are vulnerable, especially after a big after gig party!

OSM: What is the general theme of ‘Set If Off’, is there an overall message?
Oli: Set It Off is basically about going out with your mates and having a good time. And that was where the message and theme of the single came from really. Whether it be going to a gig, out in a bar or even in the club, Set It Off is all about that massive buzz and excitement you get when going out on the town.
Si: Both of our singles have held this similar message where we are celebrating nights out, with your friends and having a good time. We want our audience and listeners to feel that too, you know?

OSM: Coming from Birmingham, a great football city, who does each member of the band support and what do you think of your team's chances for the upcoming season?
John: I support Villa, Si supports West Brom and Liam supports Wolves so the banter is always flying around. Sadly, Oli supports Liverpool… Not much to say on that, although he is known to go to Kiddi Harriers games so it can’t all be about trophies!
Liam: Wolves will be pushing for European football as per. Hoping for a couple of late summer signings to strengthen the squad then skies the limit. Bruno Lage barmy army and again best team in the West Midlands.
John: Hopefully Villa will settle back in to mid table mediocrity rather than squeaky bum time towards the end of the season. We've made some strong signings so looking good.
Would like to finish above the dog heads, this time they're getting a bit delusional quoting stuff like "best team in the West Midlands", we need to remind them of who the real giants of the Midlands are!


OSM: Next Saturday, the 9th of July, you headline at The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham. What can fans expect from your live shows and are you proud of this milestone (headlining in your hometown?)
Ben: We always try to bring something new to each live gig, so that the people who’ve been so good in supporting us so far, are able to see something new and we are able to keep testing ourselves.
Oli: Since our last gig, we’ve written 3 new originals and so we’re pumped to play these live for the first time.
John: We were lucky enough to be asked to support our friends Smokin Eskimo at The Sunflower Lounge in September 2021. To now be back headlining at an iconic venue in Birmingham is an honour and we can’t wait for Saturday.

OSM: What challenges has the band faced since launching your career?
Liam: Needless to say, COVID affected our rehearsal time and the ability we had to meet up easily. Nevertheless, we manoeuvred through it and we all enjoyed getting back into the rehearsal room when we could.

OSM: What are the plans for the year ahead for yourselves?
Oli: We’ve definitely got another single after this one before we wrap it up and look forward to a massive 2023. There are loads of gigs lined up as well. We’re over in Derby and Sheffield as well of lots of local gigs in Birmingham and Worcester.
Ben: Rumour has it we may be returning to the O2 Academy in Birmingham for a headline gig at some point later this year…

OSM: If you could change anything about the industry what would it be?
Si: With a full time job it is definitely hard to balance the two. I think we do a pretty good job of that though! We have lots of passion and energy for it which definitely shines through on stage!
Liam: There are also loads of talented bands on the circuit at the moment, it can be challenging to get noticed. We’re confident that the songs we write cut through the noise though.

OSM: If you could share the stage with another band or performer who would it be?
Ben: What a question…so many choices. I think, for sure, we would all love the chance to share the stage with one of the Gallagher’s…we aren’t picky. Sam Fender of course, seems like a real breakout act who seems to have a great time on stage and we all love his tunes.
Liam: If we could perform with anyone, The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Libertines…Kasabian! I mean, the list is endless.

OSM: What songs are on your playlist right now, which songs are you into at the moment?
Oli: There’s quite a mix across the band in terms of influence and style. But I am listening to a lot of Wet Leg and DMA’s at the moment. Wet Leg is one of the gigs I have been to this year, and was a blast. Was great to see a band like them in the same venue we had previously headlined, too!
Liam: Really getting into Inhaler at the moment, and speaking on behalf of Si and myself, The Black Keys - Wild Child has been a bit of an anthem for the both of us.
John: If you check out our socials, we recently did some bios on all the members and two of the questions were current listens and go to albums. Be sure to check them all out to understand and find out a bit more about us individually. Facebook and Instagram, you can find us as Finding Bella; Twitter is @Finding_Bella. Take a look.


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