THE TOO LATE’s Latest Angsty Ballad ‘Psychological Warfare’ Is A Tune That’ll Hit You In The Feels

Published on 9 July 2022 at 21:22

Words: Max Bradfield


Glaswegian duo The Too Late brought out their most recent work on the 29th of June and it’s sure to resonate with listeners of all descriptions. ‘Psychological Warfare’ narrates the story of a heartbreak in a drawn out, fading relationship and croons about the dreaded, inevitable moment a distant lover leaves.


The pair’s fourth release ever (believe it or not) and second release of their upcoming EP due for July, is a thoughtful anthem that combines swelling keys with striking vocals to tell this tale of a failing relationship. This song really is in an emotive atmosphere of its own, crammed full with remorse, fear and a nagging doubt that good times have come to a reluctant end. 


The Too Late, comprised of Connor Magennis and Ryan Clark, understand the weight of their work yet admit this track reflects upon “when the dust settles and the realisation kicks in that you will never be with that person you loved dearly, you can find peace in the good times you had.” The song strikes a chord with both listeners young and old – even applicable to more than just a romantic situation. Whether it’s a first love or perhaps remorse for a family member that is no longer with you, The Too Late’s considerate sentiment is almost universal. Clearly, the boys are practising tapping into those uncomfortable emotions we don’t want to experience - but the mature mutual understanding is we must in our own time. 


The pair convey their messages with this stripped back, ballad production that is ultimately brought together with subtle hints of electronic elements that help drive the song onward. If this single and previous work is anything to go by, this genre spanning act can cater to many tastes opening to a wider audience. With this EP on the horizon, the duo are looking to make their mark in the music scene this summer and look to have every chance of doing so. 


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