Tony Briggs Partners With Ocean Colour Scene To Release Authentic Limited-Edition Hardback Book Recounting The Band’s Towering Success In The 90’s

Published on 17 July 2022 at 08:44

By Angus Sinclair


Ocean Colour Scene are one of Britain’s most under-appreciated artistic talents, teeming with vibrancy and rock’n’roll fire, and have partnered with acclaimed Director and Photographer Tony Briggs to produce a book detailing a picturesque journey into the life of a prominent British band. 


Enjoying their most fruitful period back in the 90’s, OCS emerged at the fore as British rock and swarmed the charts following the striking success of Oasis – the talismanic force in guitar-driven rock’s revival - and reaching No. 2 in the British Album Charts with second studio album release Moseley Shoals


Achieving further success with Marchin’ Already, usurping the top spot from Oasis’ Be Here Now after its release in 1997, OCS continued to revel in an illustrious career, clinching seventeen Top 40 singles and a further six Top 10 singles at present. Revisiting his extensive previous work with OCS, Briggs has grasped at the opportunity to present an artistic hardback, offering an insight into the band’s notable success between 1995-1998. 


Set for release September 09, 2022, Behind The Scene is a splendid limited-edition book searching to reignite the fire into the hearts of Britpop lovers from across the country and remind fans of one of rock’n’roll’s brightest hidden gems. 


Brimming with imagery from the inside, including revered album covers and original stills that have yet to grace the public, the book is meticulously filled with stories from the band members and those around them, with notable quotes that will evoke emotion to those who remember the time when post-Oasis British rock spearheaded the charge to the forefront of the music industry.



The publication spans 250 pages, each offering a peek into the endeavours of Ocean Colour Scene, with a foreword from Steve Cradock OCS’s founding guitarist also certain to provide the perfect prefatory comments. 


Segments of the band’s glory days are littered from page to page, offering a glistening outlook that is a positive necessity for lovers of British Rock – or in fact anyone that wishes to delve deep into a veritable gold mine of rock’n’roll.  The project even rallies appearances from the likes of Paul Weller, Liam & Noel Gallagher, Ray Davies, and the England ’98 squad, so if that doesn’t entice you, I don’t know what will!


The project is simply magnificent, and the story of an esteemed band focussed on traditionalist rock is one worth telling, but Briggs detailed just why he returned to his past work, nonetheless.

 He said, There really has been a lack of content, written or on-screen, about OCS, so I’m hoping to correct that. This book is a tribute to possibly the UK’s most underrated band and with the fans’ support, we can make a little bit of history.” 





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