Celestial North Talk About Her Latest Single 'The Nature Of Light' In Our Insightful Interview

Published on 20 July 2022 at 07:00


OSM: Hi, where are Celestial North from and who is in the band?
I am from Edinburgh, Scotland but currently live in the Lake District in Cumbria.  I play and record everything myself apart from the drums- which I leave to my husband Woody who also co- produces with me. So, just me really!

OSM: Your new single ‘The Nature Of Light’, is out now. What was the general songwriting process and are there any interesting stories around the recording of the song?
I wrote this song before learning about a concept called the Light of Nature. I am studying to be a Medical Herbalist at the moment and this concept popped up on my studies. I started to read books about it and spent hours researching. It really resonated with me. I thought it was funny because I had already written a song called the Nature of Light and it was about a similar thing! I can be a bit accidentally creepy like that, I seem to have a certain intuition and it freaks out my family! 

OSM: From your point of view, what is the single about, what is its message?
It's about disconnect from nature and about how natures inherent knowledge can flow through us if we let it. We don't need to do much, just to be out there in nature and be present. We just need be quiet and listen for a while. 

OSM: What challenges have you faced since launching your career?
Far too many challenges to list! I would say the hardest challenges have been raising a young family whilst trying to write and record on a very low income. Musicians don't earn much these days at all, if anything.

OSM: What are the plans for the year ahead for yourself?
I plan to release another single near to the release of my debut album later this year. Hopefully I can get out on tour at some point too.  

OSM: If you could change anything about the industry what would it be?
More support for mothers in music. It's almost impossible to do both which is such a sad thought. There are a lot of very talented women out there who aren't able to fulfil their potential due to lack of support and it can be frustrating that men don't have this problem when on the same journey. 

OSM: If you could share the stage with another band or performer who would it be?
I'd like to share a stage with Björk because her live shows are like immense works of art that include orchestras, choirs, amazing outfits- really theatrical. Or Aurora because she is such a brilliant live wire of energy and passion for what she believes. 

OSM: Who are some of the main influences of your music?
I like too many different things to list. In fact I don't like lists because they are so restrictive. I'll just say what I don't like and that's fakeness, you can tell when an artist is not honouring themselves a mile off. I love so many different genres of music, like people- music is so colourful, interesting and varied. Different sounds for different moods and situations - It's so nuanced.   

OSM: What songs are on your playlist right now, which songs are you into at tthe moment?
 If I had to say what I listened to last it would be Wardruna, The Papusza Soundtrack by Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz and Young Father's new song Geromino.  All very different and equally great.  


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