DOLL RIOT Release Their Exciting Self-Titled EP - We've Been Taking A Listen

Published on 21 July 2022 at 21:26



We love it when we discover a band with less than 1,000 monthly listeners on Spotify that deserve so much more. It rarely ever happens, but Doll Riot are one of those that fit the bill. Their latest self-titled EP sows the seeds of four post-punk girls that are on a trailblazing trajectory to the higher brackets of the genre they reside in.


Assembled from the rubble of 2020, four high schoolers hailing from north county San Diego came together to form an all-girl garage band. Igniting their project by covering various songs by idolised rock and punk artists, Doll Riot now aspires to write and record their own music.


Frustrated by the discouragement that the pandemic brought with it, it was shortly after the band’s drummer moved away for college that vocalist Elena Olszak, guitarist Ella Sauer, and bassist London Kraus decided to unite with the younger but fierce drummer Lillee Gillum to set in motion their dreams of performing live with their own creations.



Now, in 2022, the four stripped back personalities that make up the fabric of Doll Riot are regularly producing untamed music that harks back to the very best of what punk rock has to offer. Delivering inexorable verses, unembellished, straight to the point storytelling, and dulcet harmonies, their newest EP consists of three great tracks that traverse the themes of real-life dilemmas such as breakups, psycho ex-girlfriends, and stereotypical tendencies.


Doll Riot remain comfortably in the underground punk rock scene, with the band rarely venturing outside their own county. But as their EP is heard more often, it may prove to be a catalyst for a further reach, allowing the four unrelenting rockers to seize the moment and expand their project to the recognition it deserves. 


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