GAZ PRICE Releases Storytelling New Track 'Leave Them Be'

Published on 22 July 2022 at 01:00



Gaz Price is back with his latest barnstorming single ‘Leave Them Be’ – a song about mob mentality, encapsulating that air of invincibility felt when fuelled up and out for some carnage. It follows the hard-hearted lyricism of previous releases such as ‘Down The Road’.


Hailing from the Northeast, Price is a brutally honest singer/songwriter that is passionate about the town he was brought up in and the stories he collected from his humble beginnings. Through his collection of phenomenal releases, listeners will venture into the very centre of what Price is all about.


With the release of ‘Leave Them Be’, the craftsman looks to use his powerful rasp in his vocalism and the spellbinding percussion that supports him sonically to branch out across the rest of the United Kingdom. Having already cascaded the Northeast music scene, the latest production features his biggest sound yet, which is expected to travel further than his earlier singles.


Price has recently supported the likes of Andrew Cushin, Social Room, Tom Hingley of The Inspiral Carpets, and he has also performed at The Libertines own Albion Rooms. It’s this constant string of all-encompassing live performances that highlight the Hartlepudlian’s drive and passion to make any stage his own. 


‘Leave Them Be’ is fast-paced, raspy, bouncy, and intrinsically warped by magnificent storytelling – it’s simply everything anyone could want from an indie track, especially when belted out live.


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