Rising Artist SOPHIE KILBURN Has Released Her New, Heart-Heavy Single ‘Hating On A Heartache’

Published on 5 August 2022 at 21:45



Rising artist Sophie Kilburn has released her new, heart-heavy single ‘Hating on a Heartache’ through Luna Sky Recordings. The single tells the story of that all too familiar point in a relationship, when fighting takes over and the inability to communicate past heartaches sets in.


Using candid lyricism, pounding percussions, hooky synths and ‘70s inspired guitar licks, Sophie’s newest production sees the talented musician release her most mature sound yet. Lyrically, it takes the listener to the crossroads of love, and sonically it is driven home by infectious melodies and soul-swirling symphonies.


As Sophie explains herself: “Hating on a Heartache is that early hours fight with your boyfriend, girlfriend or whoever where it ends with one of you storming out, slamming the door and the other left thinking, shit, I’ve gone too far. It is about carrying the hurt and hate from a past heartache into a new relationship, fearing to love again due to fear of being hurt again. It doesn’t matter what that heartache stems from, but the only way to start moving on is to open up about it and that is on me.” 


For fans of HAIM and Fleetwood Mac, Sophie Kilburn is already an established artist, having landed Track of the Week from BBC Introducing East Midlands for the third time running for previous single ‘20%’, and ‘Hating on a Heartache’ is set to be the third track off Sophie’s six-single EP Project titled ‘Not Bitter Just Bored” – a collection of songs that traverse the stages of a heartache recovery to re-find self-confidence and worth. 


Sophie will be rounding off her ‘Not Bitter Just Bored’ project with a live launch night at The Grace, in London, on the 27th of October.


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