Published on 17 August 2022 at 05:56

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to this week’s round up of some of the latest and greatest singles from the indie music scene. We hope this list does its bit to get you through the week. As usual, first on the list is OSM’s Single Of The Week. This week it’s the new drop from the Leeds-based band, Cheap Teeth. The band - who have been making growing waves in Leeds’ music scene - released ‘What A Day, What A Feeling’ on Friday. The tune features warm tones and trudging rhythms, which give the track a sludgy feeling, but don’t rob it of the crisp energy the band are known for. Vivid lyrics add an extra layer of originality to the tune, while the delivery of them gives them a distinct charm. Cheap Teeth are a band destined for great things in the near future. They are also touring throughout October.


Next up is the new tune from the solo artist, Michael Weston King. The song, called ‘The Hardest Thing Of All’ showcases the singer’s subtle and calming sound. The song explores an individual’s experience of mental health problems and does so with a clean acoustic core that nods in the direction of Nick Cave and Richard Hawley. The tune finds its strength in its soothing tone and proves that the singer’s near-30 year career remains fruitful. 


Formal Sppeedwear are next this week with their track ‘The Line’. The tune features industrial and post-punk inspired instrumentation, while snappy lyrics sharpen its sound further. Floaty synths are also used towards the end of the track, which add a layer of experimental originality to its sound. The track will feature on the group’s second EP and shows the trio to be well on the way down their path of development. 


The next tune on this week’s list is a debut release. It comes from the Bath-based group, Night Swimming. The track, titled ‘Freight Train’, features a dream pop core. Atmospheric synths create a wistful foundation for the song’s transient vocal, which floats through the song’s subtle bass lines and creates an overall transient mood.


Sticking with transient tunes, the next one this week comes from Arliston. The duo’s new song, named ‘Mothering’ combines subtle vocals with delicate instrumentation to create a world of introspective bliss. Lending itself well to contemplative moments, the track offers a way to escape the day-to-day. ‘Mothering’ is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP - which is to be released in November. 


Next up is the raucous new tune from Future Radio. Fans of the band will already know of their exhilarating sound and the new tune, ‘You Can’t Ignore Me In More’ does not fail to deliver. Heavy and distorted guitars drive the tune down its relentless path of classic rock-inspired noise, with extended guitar solos firing it into the stratosphere. 


The last tune on this week’s list comes from another solo artist. Cynthia Catania is tipped by many to be a fast-emerging talent and her new song, ‘Something Better’ is testament as to why. The track showcases both the singer’s songwriting talent and musical ability. Beginning as a wistful lament on society’s greed, it grows into an empowering and full bodied sound with lyrics that laugh at the floors they point out. 

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