DANIEL LERNER Releases Stunning New Acoustic-Lead 'Decorator' EP

Published on 21 August 2022 at 11:03


Daniel Lerner is an exquisite songwriter that we here at Our Sound Music first discovered back in March. when the New York native released his 'Harvest The Moon' single, a track that we are delighted to see makes it on to this collection of songs.


Lerner's 'Decorator' EP is made up of four beautiful and heartfelt songs with each track honing in on the theme of growing relationships, set to an acoustic backdrop.


'Overture' opens the EP by way of introduction with some dreamy strumming before making way for 'Scene Of The Petty Crime'. As Lerner sings 'I can't keep running around'' over a quite frankly incredible acoustic sound we are transformed into his world. 'Trinket' has a great echo effect vocal and shows that the artist isn't afraid to experiment a little here. The final track, 'Harvest The Moon' is our favourite. The layered acoustic guitar compliments an authentic voice. Throughout his whole 'Decorator' EP, Daniel Lerner has takes us on a journey through love, loss and longing in a way that maintains an upbeat sound.


Photo: Evan Parness


Daniel himself had this to say about the EP: "Like with all of my projects, my goal here was to push my own limits as a songwriter and artist, and hope that it resonates with someone who’s gone through something similar."


Recorded in New York City, the entire EP was written, performed and produced entirely by the artist himself which itself is a great feat.