Leeds Band HONEYCUB Release New Track 'Imitation Heart'

Published on 22 August 2022 at 09:48

Photo: @willfrasercreative


The exciting alt-rock trio Honeycub released their new single 'Imitation Heart' this past Friday, adding to the Leeds-based band's growing catalogue of fresh and invigorating music.


This new single is sure to match Honeycub's pre-pandemic release 'Waking Up' which has achieved almost 100,00 streams and has been championed by both BBC Introducing and Amazon Music. 'Imitation Heart' does take the band in a slightly different direction than other releases with a more heavier sound while maintaining the same furore that listeners have grown to expect from them.


Starting with an in-your-face guitar sequence and hard-hitting drums, 'Imitation Heart' mellows during the versus with with strong lyrics that reflect upon the outsiders of society and embracing ones true self. The chorus comes crashing in and is glorious; a rip-roaring affair that is anthemic, bold and best played loud.


Photo: @willfrasercreative


Honeycub draw inspiration from peak 90's bands such as Radiohead and Muse while adding their own distinct sound. With five new songs that were written and recorded over the last two years waiting in the wings, the band are sure to please their ever growing fanbase. Honeycub's new material, just like this new single 'Imitation Heart', promises to be just as huge and anthemic.